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It all starts with belief. Belief that you can do it, belief that education is for all, belief that nothing is impossible, when you set your mind to it! With this in mind, we at The Course Guru are committed to erase the word - ‘difficult’ from student’s dictionary.

We create content around some of the most rewarding and equally challenging topics in the world of Information Technology. While doing so, we adhere to the governing principle behind everything we do at The Course Guru - to simplify. We keep things simple, to the point, and interesting - all the ingredients a human brain needs to learn.

All this is made possible by a team of Instructors and content creators, who all have over 80+ years of collective Industry experience and hence they know the requirements, the gaps, and the challenges! So, we keep a very hands on approach while making sure that conceptual walkthroughs are equally interesting.

We are, and will be creating courses around the following topics:

Cloud Computing basics of AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Solutions Architecture on AWS, Azure, and GCP

DevOps on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Data Analytics on AWS, Azure, and GCP

AI & ML on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Programming languages like NodeJS, Python, Java etc.

API Development on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Cloud centric Software Development


Course and section introduction:This is going to be a video message outlining what we are going to cover.

Concenceptual Walkthrough :This is a pretty unique aspect of this course. We have created animations to explain the concepts behind every topic. We hope you like it.

Hands-on lab :We have created a very structured series of hands-on labs to cement the understanding developed by the conceptual walkthroughs.

Lab Instructions :For every section, we have created a separated lab instruction file, which can be referred to while performing the labs (even when you are not watching the videos). This saves time and adds value to your journey.

NodeJS projects :You will have access to two NodeJS projects for your reference. Although we will build these two projects from scratch, you will still have access to these projects.

No expectations from you in terms of your skills before starting this course.

We will cover AWS Basics and Fundamentals from scratch.

We will understand Git from the basics to the intermediate level where firing git commands will come naturally to you.

We will build two NodeJS Apps with and without DB.

We will learn how to use Postman for API testing and We will create production-ready pipelines with Staging, Pre-prod, and Prod Application Lifecycle stages.

We will not only learn AWS Developer tools, but will understand their behaviour and functionally under the hood like never before.

Our Team

Amit Kumar

I love teaching

Atul Singh

Education is the key!

G Rakesh

Learning is fun

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